Bible Study Tools

Memorizing the Bible

Is writing the Word of God on your heart important to you, and yet you find it very difficult? For many years I struggled to memorize the Bible until I came across the following website. The particular method outlined here has accelerated my Bible memory immensely, to the point where five verses can be initially learned in ony fifteen minutes! Some people will be faster than me, others slower, but all will find this method more productive than your average “look at an index card again and again a million times until you get it”. I highly recommend it!

Memorizing the Bible, by Dr. Steve Clinton.

Do you have another method that works for you? Contact me, Robbie Parks, with the details! Call/text 610-883-3497.

5 Day, 52 Week Balanced Bible Reading Plan

Check out our Bible reading plan! This plan has been carefully balanced to make each day’s reading equivalent in length. It has been optimized by average chapter length in each book, excepting Psalms which was evaluated on a per-chapter basis. It should take approximately 20 minutes to read aloud one day’s reading.

The Bible Reading Record

This is simple, effective way to track your progress through the Bible. It offers a list of all the chapters such that you can check off each as you read it. This gives you the freedom to read in any order, and to pick up where you left off despite dry times in life. The Bible Reading Record will be a blessing to you in your endeavor to read through God’s Word!

Predestination & Free Will: The Parable of the Boat

“Here is a quick illustration that I hope you find helpful to distinguish between the various traditions with regard to divine sovereignty, free-will, and salvation. It is certainly not perfect, but I think it works sufficiently.”

Week of Prayer Devotionals

We have now hosted two Weeks of Prayer. This involves daily devotionals to aid prayer on our topics: the glory of God, repentance, the will of God (parts 1 and 2), the poor and exploited, evangelism, and Sabbath rest. All devotionals are also gathered in a single doc and pdf.

BibleGateway is perhaps the most direct access to the Bible on the Internet today. It makes available all of the top English translations as well as translations into many other langauges. All of this is easily searchable, including parallel translation lookup.

Biblos is packed full of Bible study tools, making it easy to search the Bible, to find commentaries on passages, to read the original languages, and to do word studies. Biblos has much more than this: explore!